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Treasure of the Land of Darkness: The Fur Trade and Its Significance for Medieval Russia
Introduction 1. Bulgar 2. The rus' 3. Novgorod: the squirrel fur trade 4. Moscow and Kazan' the luxury fur trade 5. The political significance of the fur trade 6. The economic significance of the furExpand
Economic Effectiveness of the Muscovite Pomest’e System: An Examination of Estate Incomes and Military Expenses in the Mid-16th Century
This chapter discusses questions about the effectiveness of the pomest'e system and its capacity to provide material support for members of the Muscovite cavalry in the middle of the sixteenthExpand
Medieval Russia, 980-1584
Acknowledgments 1. The Era of Vladimir 1 2. Princes and politics (1015-1125) 3. Kievan Rus' society 4. Kievan Rus': the final century 5. The Golden Horde 6. The Russian lands within the Golden HordeExpand
Multiethnicity in Muscovy: a consideration of Christian and Muslim Tatars in the 1550s-1580s
As persistent territorial expansion transformed the predominantly Slavic, Orthodox Christian Muscovite state into a multiethnic empire by the mid-16th century, the Church articulated an ideology thatExpand
John of Salisbury's Manuscripts of Frontinus and of Gellius
  • Janet D. Martin
  • Art
  • Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes
  • 1 January 1977
Though the first significant examination of John of Salisbury's classical learning was published as long ago as 1859 by C. Schaarschmidt, and though references to John as one of the most learnedExpand