Janet D. Cragan

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BACKGROUND As part of the surveillance program to monitor the occurrence of birth defects in the metropolitan Atlanta area, we developed a record linkage software tool that provides latitude in the choice of linkage parameters, allows for efficient and accurate linkages, and enables objective assessments of the quality of the linked data. METHODS We(More)
A fine-grained record integration and linkage tool (FRIL) is presented. The tool extends traditional record linkage tools with a richer set of parameters. Users may systematically and iteratively explore the optimal combination of parameter values to enhance linking performance and accuracy. Results of linking a birth defects monitoring program and birth(More)
Emerging infectious disease outbreaks and bioterrorism attacks warrant urgent public health and medical responses. Response plans for these events may include use of medications and vaccines for which the effects on pregnant women and fetuses are unknown. Healthcare providers must be able to discuss the benefits and risks of these interventions with their(More)
To the Editor: The November 2006 issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases featured 2 perspectives (1,2) that highlighted the need for strategies to prevent and treat pregnant patients during outbreaks of new or emerging diseases or during bioter-rorist attacks. However, neither article discussed implications for a surveillance strategy. Based on my previous(More)
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