Janet Camel

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Spiny branchlets of cerebellar Purkinje neurons, thought to be sites of synaptic efficacy change during motor learning, degenerate during aging. To examine effects of behavioral experience on degeneration, Purkinje neurons were studied in aging rats housed for 4.5 months either under complex environment conditions promoting sensory-motor activity or in(More)
To assess the relative permanence of dendritic alterations induced by postweaning housing conditions, dendritic field parameters in the occipital cortex were compared among rats that had spent 30 days, beginning at 23-25 days of age, in a "superenriched" environment, rats that had the same treatment followed by 30 days of housing in individual cages, and(More)
Acknowledgements The successful completion of this Transportation Plan was made possible through the assistance of the following individuals who provided guidance and support throughout the course of the planning effort: Other Also, very special thanks go to Terry Moore and Susan Davis, EcoNorthwest, for their help in preparing Chapter 3 (Travel Demand(More)
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