Janet Akande

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Most ocular surgical procedures take approximately 60 min to complete, the anaesthetic property of the safest drug, tetracaine, is initiated in a few minutes and lasts approximately 10-15 min. The purpose of the present study was to develop an ocular tetracaine formulation which can produce an immediate onset of action and/or longer duration of action(More)
The overall study goal was to produce a microparticle formulation containing atropine sulfate for ocular administration with improved efficacy and lower side effects, compared with that of the standard marketed atropine solution. The objective was to prepare an atropine sulfate-loaded bovine serum albumin-chitosan microparticle that would have longer(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the possibility of lectin-coupled microspheres to improve the targeted delivery of protein antigens to the lymphoid tissues of mucosal surfaces. Bovine serum albumin containing acid phosphatase model protein and polystyrene microspheres were coupled with mouse M-cell-specific Ulex europaeus lectin. The coupling(More)
  • Janet Akande, D. K. K. Adjaï, L. H. Koudahoun, J. F. Kpomahou
  • 2017
In quantum mechanics, the wave function and energy are required for the complete characterization of fundamental properties of a physical system subject to a potential energy. It is proved in this work, the existence of a Schrödinger equation with position-dependent mass having the prolate spheroidal wave function as exact solution, resulting from a(More)
PURPOSE Oral immunization for mucosal protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis would be the best option for effective tuberculosis (TB) control. However, this route of vaccine delivery is limited due to the short residence time of the delivery system at the site of absorption. Cytoadhension has made it possible to optimize the targeted delivery of oral(More)
The syntheses of a cobalt(III) complex, 2, containing N-(2-pyridylmethyl)urea and of six complexes, 3, containing phenyl-substituted N-2-pyridylmethyl-N'-(X)phenylureas (where X = 4-H, 4-CH(3), 4-Br, 3-Cl, 4-CF(3), and 4-NO(2)), have been accomplished by reaction of [(en)(2)Co(OSO(2)CF(3))(2)](CF(3)SO(3)) with the urea ligands in tetramethylene sulfone. The(More)
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