Janelle M. Novak

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A conceptual model of the relationship between well-known individual-level behavioral and biomedical risk factors for heart disease and stroke and community-level social environmental risk factors, which may be less familiar to professionals working in cardiovascular health promotion, is presented. The social environment paradigm holds that programs and(More)
Mechanical small bowel obstruction (SBO) is rare complication of colonoscopy. We present a patient who developed SBO 24 h after surveillance colonoscopy. Four years prior to this procedure, he had undergone augmentation cecocystoplasty with continent ileal conduit. He subsequently underwent laparotomy and lysis of a band adhesion that caused extrinsic(More)
Blastomycosis (Blastomyces dermatitidis) is a fungal disease that is endemic in the southern United States. This case report illustrates the clinical, MRI and histopathologic findings in a dog with invasion of a retrobulbar blastomycotic lesion into the calvarium. A 5-year-old intact female Weimaraner was referred for a 2-month history of change in behavior(More)
Hydrocephalus has been reported in a variety of species, including the North American black bear ( Ursus americanus ). This report describes three cases of hydrocephalus in this species from wild bears aged 3-4 mo considered retrospectively from necropsy records of one institution. Clinical signs included cortical blindness and ataxia. Primary gross(More)
A 15-year-old male North American cougar (Felis concolor) presented with a 2-day history of anorexia, restlessness, and dyspnea. White blood cell count (22.5 × 103 cells/μL) and absolute segmented neutrophil count (21.09 × 103 cells/μL) were increased, and BUN (143mg/dL), creatinine (6.3mg/dL), and phosphorus (8.5mg/dL) concentrations indicated chronic(More)
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