Janelle L Mason

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Much attention has been given to the pelvic nerve afferent innervation of the urinary bladder; however, reports differ considerably in descriptions of afferent receptor types, their conduction velocities, and their potential roles in bladder reflexes and sensation. The present study was undertaken to do a relatively unbiased sampling of bladder afferent(More)
Fourteen patients were retrospectively reviewed to examine the role of arthroscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of the problem total knee arthroplasty (TKA), and to define parameters for indications, techniques, and results. All patients had undergone a previous TKA, and postoperatively had problems with pain and/or range of motion. Routine evaluation(More)
Fifteen cattle, with the typical copper deficiency symptoms of scouring and emaciation, gained .45 pound more daily after receiving copper injections than the control group in a three-month period. Copper injections did not prevent scouring on this ranch in the North Okanagan Valley. Copper deficiency symptoms have occurred in this area whenever cattle have(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to evaluate neuropsychological test data in school-aged children whose fetal sonograms revealed mild isolated cerebral ventriculomegaly without asymmetry of the lateral ventricles. METHODS Nine of 52 children 6 years and older with sonographic evidence of mild isolated cerebral ventriculomegaly without asymmetry of(More)