Janelle L Buttry

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WGA-Alexa 488 is a fluorescent neuronal tracer that demonstrates transsynaptic transport in the central nervous system. The transsynaptic transport occurs over physiologically active synaptic connections rather than less active or silent connections. Immediately following C2 spinal cord hemisection (C2Hx), when WGA-Alexa 488 is injected into the ipsilateral(More)
The first aim of the study was to determine if WGA-Alexa 488 would undergo retrograde transsynaptic transport in the phrenic motor system as we have shown with WGA-HRP in a previous study. The advantage of using WGA-Alexa 488 is that labeled neurons could be isolated and analyzed for intracellular molecular mechanisms without exposing tissue sections to(More)
BACKGROUND Intrapleural injection of CTB-Alexa 488, a retrograde tracer, provides an alternative labeling technique to the surgically invasive laparotomy required for intradiaphragmatic injection. However, CTB-Alexa 488 is incapable of crossing synapses restricting the tracer to the phrenic nuclei and the intercostal motor nuclei in the spinal cord. NEW(More)
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