Janelle E. Muranaka

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Here we report the first case of prenatally diagnosed fetal renal mesoblastic nephroma occurring after transfer of a cryopreserved embryo. A 37 year old woman, having immunological infertility, was treated by in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer. Following unsuccessful IVF using fresh embryos, the patient conceived after transfer of(More)
Serum interleukin-18 (IL-18) levels were measured in women in different trimesters of pregnancy, in labour, puerperium and in various complicated pregnancies. There was a significant elevation of IL-18 levels in pregnant sera from the first trimester until the onset of labour. Once labour began, IL-18 levels increased further and remained until at least the(More)
Development of a vaccine for HIV-1 requires a detailed understanding of the neutralizing antibody responses that can be experimentally elicited to difficult-to-neutralize primary isolates. Rabbits were immunized with the gp120 subunit of HIV-1 JR-CSF envelope (Env) using a DNA-prime protein-boost regimen. We analyzed five sera that showed potent autologous(More)
Eliciting broad tier 2 neutralizing antibodies (nAbs) is a major goal of HIV-1 vaccine research. Here we investigated the ability of native, membrane-expressed JR-FL Env trimers to elicit nAbs. Unusually potent nAb titers developed in 2 of 8 rabbits immunized with virus-like particles (VLPs) expressing trimers (trimer VLP sera) and in 1 of 20 rabbits(More)
PROBLEM Interleukin-18 (IL-18) strongly induces interferon-gamma production and is produced not only by types of immune cells but also by types of non-immune cells. Ovulation is thought to be an inflammation-like reaction in which many pro-inflammatory cytokines are involved. We investigated whether IL-18 is involved in the functions of ovary. METHOD OF(More)
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