Janell Watson

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As engineering is a profession, engineers must consider the impact of ethics in their behavior. The design and application of technology include the responsibility to provide quality products and services. Professional engineering includes the responsibility of creating a positive impact on society and the quality of life. The trust places a greater(More)
Engineers face a major decision relating to their careers. They can enter their profession, or they can become a successful professional. In both cases, a strong technical foundation is required. But, to be a truly successful professional, engineers must also develop and use many nontechnical skills. Professional engineers use a balance of technical and(More)
This article describes the development of an instrument, the Assessment of Dream Experience. This instrument was developed within the context of Rogers's conceptual model, the science of unitary human beings, and was designed to measure dreaming as a beyond waking experience. A detailed description of the instrument and its psychometric properties is(More)
Postmodernism as a concept and periodizing point between centuries has been defined as both the beginning and the end of modernity. This article explores some of the dimensions of this moment and movement between centuries and the implications of the postmodern condition on the nursing profession. Amidst the health care reform angst of deconstructing and(More)
In an increasingly complex world, engineers must cope with an ever increasing number of software tools as well as much more elaborate collections of data from the laboratory. Additionally, they are faced with a significantly more difficult challenge, being able to effectively communicate with each other and the greater engineering and non-engineering(More)
ically have anything he or she desired without hard work. Unfortunately, the priest’s vision did not reveal where this field of diamonds wab located. The pnest went on his way, but Ali continued to think about their conversation. The more he thought about the rewards of finding that field of with our technolUCCESS is in the mind of the beholder. It is(More)
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