Janel Rodriguez

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Eukaryotic nuclei contain regions of differentially staining chromatin (heterochromatin), which remain condensed throughout the cell cycle and are largely transcriptionally silent. RNAi knockdown of the highly conserved heterochromatin protein HP1 in Drosophila was previously shown to preferentially reduce male viability. Here we report a similar phenotype(More)
The nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) pathway was originally discovered by virtue of its ability to rapidly degrade aberrant mRNAs with premature termination codons. More recently, it was shown that NMD also directly regulates subsets of normal transcripts, suggesting that NMD has roles in normal biological processes. Indeed, several NMD factors have been(More)
Background A combination of histone modifications, a ‘histone epigenetic code’, is created and altered by specific enzymes, and recognized by proteins that bind to these modifications through specific domains [1]. These proteins modify the chromatin environment for precise transcriptional regulation. Some of these well studied chromatin remodeling complexes(More)
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