Janeana White

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Thirty-six cases of bites by spiders are reported; in all cases, the spider was identified. No cases resulted in the formation of local ulcers, in necrosis, or in serious systemic symptoms. Eight bites by Lampona cylindrata, the white-tailed spider, caused a mild sting to sharp pain of short duration, itchiness, erythema, local swelling or a lump, and(More)
A non-fatal case of acute renal failure with associated coagulopathy after envenomation by a western brown snake (Pseudonaja nuchalis) is described. The coagulopathy did not respond to the initial administration of polyvalent antivenom, but resolved rapidly after later infusion of large doses of specific antivenom. The renal failure necessitated(More)
A 44-year old bushwalker was envenomed in an isolated area late in the afternoon, and a succession of difficulties with his rescue resulted in his not reaching hospital until nearly 24 hours later. This case highlights the problems of prolonged delays before treatment for envenomation, and points to the advantages of physician-staffed emergency helicopter(More)