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Over 95% of all Easter lily bulbs are produced in a narrow coastal region along the Northern California/Oregon border from Smith River, California to Brookings, Oregon. Fumigants such as methyl bromide, 1,3-dichloropropene (Telone ®), and metam sodium are used in bulb production to control nematodes and fungi. The Department of Pesticide Regulation(More)
Pleistocene dates from three cave sites indicate the human capacity to colonise across two oceanic straits to the east of a former Tasmania-Australia-New Guinea continent by 33 kyr BP. The sites demonstrate exploitation of costal marine and lowland tropical forest resources. They extend Pleistocene occupation into island Melanesia and demonstrate that the(More)
i ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank the members of the Yurok Environmental Monitoring Workgroup, staff), and Chuck Striplen (former Hoopa Valley Tribal staff/Ohlone). We would also like to respectively, and especially their staff Jeff Dolf and Dave Cavyell. We would also like to thank the personnel at the Simpson Timber Company for their assistance,(More)
Human occupation of New Guinea had begun 50,000 years ago, but islands further east were settled only in Recent times. In part of the New Guinea highlands, wet and dry horticultural systems began by 9000 years ago. Local intensification is evident until the present, but only the most recent major crop (sweet potato, which has been grown in the region for(More)
The movement toward community policing signals a major effort at transformational change to redefine how a police agency operates. Transformational changes are very complex, long-term processes with many challenges and pitfalls. Yet, few models and virtually no training are available to chiefs, and other top officials, on how to manage a transformational(More)
A bioassessment reference is a segment of stream (reach) within an ecological region that represents a desired state or optimal condition of stream health. Often optimal conditions may be " best available " or " least impacted " within a region. The objective of this study was to develop a method for selecting benthic macroinvertebrate bioassessment(More)