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Plant metabolomics has matured over the past 8 years. Plant biologists routinely use comprehensive analyses of plant metabolites to discover new responses to genetic or environmental perturbation, or to validate initial hypotheses on the function and in vivo action of gene products. The wealth of scientific findings has increasingly provoked interest to(More)
Most Web search tools integrate sponsored results with results from their internal editorial database in providing results to users. The goal of this research is to get a better idea of how much of the screen real estate displays “real” editorial results as compared to sponsored results. The overall average results are that 40% of all results presented on(More)
Asthma is characterized by structural changes in the airways - airway remodelling. These changes include an increase in the bulk of the airway smooth muscle (ASM) and alterations in the profile of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins in the airway wall. The mechanisms leading to airway remodelling are not well understood. ASM cells have the potential to play(More)
A reluctance of nonspecialists to work with drug and alcohol misusers have focused upon belief-based systems, including therapeutic commitment (TC) and situation-specific constraints. This paper describes the development and assessment of a theoretical model for nonspecialist drug workers, characterised as a synthesis of attitudinal and constraints(More)
Moyer, Burkhardt, and Gordon found in 2002 that some individuals could fake PTSD on the MMPI-2. In light of these results, a follow-up study was conducted to assess whether attributes such as empathy, intelligence, subjectivity, or insightfulness influenced ability to fake a PTSD profile on the MMPI-2. 35 subjects from the previous study were divided into(More)