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We present an efficient method for solving 2D incompressible viscous flows around multiple moving objects. Our method employs an underlying regular Cartesian grid to solve the system using a streamfunction–vorticity formulation and with discontinuities representing the embedded objects. The no-penentration condition for the moving geometry is satisfied by(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether newer antipsychotic medications are associated with weight gain and development of diabetes. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Data from a comprehensive electronic medical record serving an urban public hospital and a citywide network of mental health clinics. PATIENTS/PARTICIPANTS Three thousand one hundred(More)
The authors describe a research group that supports the needs of investigators seeking data from an electronic medical record system. Since its creation in 1972, the Regenstrief Medical Records System has captured and stored more than 350 million discrete coded observations on two million patients. This repository has become a central data source for(More)
This article investigates efficient blind watermark decoding approaches for hidden messages embedded into host images, within the framework of additive spread spectrum (SS) embedding based for data hiding. We study SS embedding in both the discrete cosine transform and the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) domains. The contributions of this article are(More)
For detecting and diagnosing breast cancer at its earliest stage, mammography is the most sensitive technique currently available and is therefore the method of choice. Screen-film mammography has been used successfully as a screening test for breast cancer for > 2 decades. However, conventional mammography has substantial limitations and, therefore,(More)
BACKGROUND Screening for iron deficiency anemia is a well-established practice in pediatrics, but numerous challenges surrounding current recommendations raise questions about the effectiveness of this strategy. OBJECTIVE To evaluate iron deficiency anemia screening approaches, by assessing rates of follow-up testing and resolution among patients meeting(More)
Ranking Web search results has long evolved beyond simple bag-of-words retrieval models. Modern search engines routinely employ machine learning ranking that relies on exogenous relevance signals. Yet the majority of current methods still evaluate each Web page out of context. In this work, we introduce a novel source of relevance information for Web search(More)
Point of care reminders have been shown to be effective in changing ordering behavior in primary care settings, but electronic reminders in the emergency department have not been studied. We retrospectively evaluated a computerized system designed to prompt syphilis testing in an emergency department during an outbreak. Most individual reminders were not(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine whether patients prescribed inhaled corticosteroids are at risk for adverse gastrointestinal effects. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Urban health center with an academic affiliation. PATIENTS A total of 19,443 adults (mean age 31.8 yrs) with airways disease, defined as a diagnosis of asthma or chronic(More)