Jane Vanderpyl

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BACKGROUND Gout is commonly undertreated and can lead to significant disability. Few data are available about the lived experience of gout or the barriers to effective urate-lowering therapy in men with gout. AIMS This study aims to understand the experience of men living with chronic gout using a qualitative grounded theory approach. METHODS Eleven(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe reasons for admission and alternatives to admission in a government funded acute inpatient unit. METHOD Reasons for admission and alternatives to admission were rated for a consecutive sample of 255 admissions to an acute psychiatric unit in Auckland, using interviews with staff and case note review. RESULT Most patients had a(More)
OBJECTIVE A small number of patients tend to use a disproportionately high amount of mental health services. Understanding the needs and behaviours of this group is important in order to improve patient management. Few studies have investigated the role that patients' perceptions about their mental illness play in guiding coping responses and treatment(More)
Adults from South Auckland, New Zealand who required acute admission to hospital were followed from admission to discharge. After adjusting for demographic factors, diagnosis, chronicity, severity, consultant psychiatrist and involuntary admission, the length of stay for those from more deprived areas was significantly longer by 7 days than for those from(More)
OBJECTIVE This study set out to investigate the relationship in New Zealand between the newly developed small area index of socio-economic deprivation, NZDep96, and measures of psychiatric bed utilisation. It aims to contribute to the debate on resource allocation and to estimate the distribution of beds required in relation to levels of deprivation. (More)
BACKGROUND Schizophrenia affects approximately 1% of the population and is associated with a considerable economic burden to society. The healthcare costs of the disorder are high and are compounded by substantial productivity losses. Failure to adhere to medication regimens, with subsequent relapse and hospitalization, is a key driver of these costs. A(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined the association between socioeconomic deprivation and extended hospitalization in severe mental disorder, after taking account of confounding variables. METHODS A representative sample of 660 inpatients from South Auckland, New Zealand, was followed for two years from their index admission. Additional data were collected(More)
WHAT IS KNOWN AND OBJECTIVE Long-acting injectable (LAI) antipsychotics are recommended for those people with a preference for this form of treatment and those who experience negative outcomes due to non-adherence with oral medication. LAI antipsychotics have been associated with improved outcomes and lower treatment discontinuation rates when compared with(More)
The dominant model that informs clinical training for preventing violence and managing aggression posits arousal as mediated downwards from higher cortical structures. This view results in an often-misplaced reliance on verbal and cognitive techniques for de-escalation. The emergence of sensory modulation, via the Six Core Strategies, is an alternative or(More)