Jane Somerville

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BACKGROUND Congenital heart defects are generally assumed to have a multifactorial aetiology. We have tested this hypothesis by studying adults with heart defects and their families. METHODS We identified 1094 patients who survived surgery for major cardiac defects before 1970. We chose individuals with disturbance of situs or segmental connection, with(More)
AIMS To assess the natural history, risk factors for death and deterioration of patients with Eisenmenger Syndrome. METHODS The clinical course of 188 patients from three different cardiac centres specialized in adult congenital heart defects, followed for a median period of 31 years, was retrospectively analysed. According to the diagnosis, 64 males and(More)
The Boston Qualitative Scoring System (BQSS) for the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (ROCF) includes five scores (Planning, Fragmentation, Neatness, Perseveration, and Organization) developed to measure the executive aspects of ROCF productions. To assess the convergent and discriminant validity of the BQSS, these five scores were compared to scores on four(More)
In a series of 416 women with congenital heart disease seen in the Royal Brompton National Heart and Lung Hospital, London, and the Hospital Giovanni Bosco, Torino, Italy, there were 822 pregnancies. The outcomes of 96 pregnancies in 44 patients with cyanotic congenital heart disease were studied. Patients with the Eisenmenger reaction were excluded.(More)
BACKGROUND There is a high incidence of anomalous coronary arteries in subjects with congenital heart disease. These abnormalities can be responsible for myocardial ischemia and sudden death or be damaged during surgical intervention. It can be difficult to define the proximal course of anomalous coronary arteries with the use of conventional x-ray coronary(More)
The excitability of segmental reflex pathways in normal subjects and in patients with hemiplegia has been examined by conditioning the monosynaptic H reflex with a 200 msec burst of vibration applied to the tendo Achilles. In 6 normal subjects, the burst of vibration produced a short-latency facilitation of soleus motoneurons (attributed to monosynaptic(More)
The outcome was reviewed in 17 patients aged 15-40 years with tricuspid atresia and transposed great arteries selected by survival beyond age 14 years. Only five lead normal lives (ability index 1 or 2); the rest are dead or disabled. Arrhythmias occurred in seven. Maintenance of sinus rhythm is important because incessant atrial arrhythmias cause serious(More)
BACKGROUND Amiodarone is widely used in adults with congenital heart disease, but no systematic study has been published on its effects on thyroid function in these patients. A retrospective study was performed to examine the frequency of amiodarone-associated thyroid dysfunction in adults with congenital heart disease and to identify any contributing(More)
Thirty-nine consecutive patients, aged 5 to 57 years, were followed for two to 15 years with serial haemodynamic studies after removal of fixed subaortic stenosis, which was never a "membrane". Two late deaths occurred, one sudden and one in congestive failure. Of 37 survivors, 25 were asymptomatic and could be classified as good or excellent if judged by(More)
Numerous reports have assessed the neuropsychological functioning of medically asymptomatic HIV-1 infected men. However, to date there have been no published studies of the neuropsychological functioning of asymptomatic HIV-1 infected women, even though women represent the fastest-growing demographic group of HIV-1 infected individuals. In this(More)