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Gender, Strategies, and Contributions to Public Goods*
This study examines factors affecting cooperation in public goods settings involving relatively small groups. In particular, the gender composition of the group and the history of the group's levelExpand
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“Liar, Liar... ”
An abstract public goods setting is considered in which individually rational strategies lead to collectively irrational outcomes. Theorists argue that individual reputations can provide an importantExpand
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Levels of Information and Contributions to Public Goods
The provision of public goods is a social dilemma in which individuals must decide whether to contribute to the group or not to contribute and therefore free ride. We posit that if individuals haveExpand
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Investigating Conflict, Power, and Status Within and Among Groups
This article investigates the concepts and perspectives of conflict, power, and status developed across the disciplines of political science, psychology, and sociology. Although the differentExpand
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Are women more cooperative than men in social dilemmas
Contradictory results regarding sex effects in social dilemmas have been obtained. In some studies women have contributed more than men; in some studies men have contributed more than women; in someExpand
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The influence of outcome messages on reference prices
Abstract This experiment investigated ways in which expected or reference price for a public leisure service might be altered. Two hundred twenty‐four subjects were randomly assigned to one of sixExpand
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Laboratory experiments in the social sciences
Laboratory Experiments in the Social Sciences is the only book providing core information for researchers about the ways and means to conduct experiments. Its comprehensive regard for laboratoryExpand
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A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Public Good and Resource Good Settings*
Social dilemmas are situations in which individual incentives and group incentives conflict. Public goods sustained by contributions of time and money, such as public television, and resource goodsExpand
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A Structural Social Psychological View of Gender Differences in Cooperation
We analyze differences in cooperation between men and women in social dilemma settings. Using a structural social psychological framework, we examine how the actor, the encounter, the microstructure,Expand
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