Jane See Yin Lim

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BACKGROUND Medical students are required to retain vast amounts of medical knowledge on the path to becoming physicians. To address this challenge, multimedia Web-based learning resources have been developed to supplement traditional text-based materials. The Picmonic(®) Learning System (PLS; Picmonic, Phoenix, AZ, USA) is a novel multimedia Web-based(More)
Peribiliary cysts are cystic dilatations of peribiliary glands in the liver. They are present in ~50% of cirrhotic patients, but are underrecognized because they are usually asymptomatic and rarely present as obstructive jaundice. A 63-year-old male with hepatitis C cirrhosis, awaiting liver transplantation, had a new finding of intrahepatic dilatation on(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of death worldwide and studies have found a direct relationship between levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and coronary heart disease. Statins are the most commonly prescribed medications to lower cholesterol, a major controllable risk factor for coronary heart disease. OBJECTIVE(More)
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