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Despite their known osteoconductivity, clinical use of calcium phosphate cements is limited both by their relatively slow rate of resorption and by rheological properties incompatible with injectability. Bone in-growth and material resorption have been improved by the development of porous calcium phosphate cements. However, injectable formulations have so(More)
The growing importance of research and development in the NHS presents a major challenge to nurses. They are not centrally involved in influencing the R&D agenda, while nursing research, despite its recent boom, is not seen as integral to evidence-based practice. This paper suggests that the R&D initiative, like most policy developments, mixes altruism and(More)
This exploration of contemporary nursing ideology and practice is based on a belief that the occupation has entered a period of major change, partly prompted by an internal reform movement which may be described as the 'New Nursing'. This movement is a complex phenomenon; here I focus on aspects of it which concern changes (actual and proposed) in the(More)