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Detection of Huntington’s disease decades before diagnosis: the Predict-HD study
Objective: The objective of the Predict-HD study is to use genetic, neurobiological and refined clinical markers to understand the early progression of Huntington’s disease (HD), prior to the pointExpand
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Unified Huntington's disease rating scale: Reliability and consistency
The Unified Huntington's disease Rating Scale (UHDRS) was developed as a clinical rating scale to assess four domains of clinical performance and capacity in HD: motor function, cognitive function,Expand
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A new model for prediction of the age of onset and penetrance for Huntington's disease based on CAG length
Huntington's disease (HD) is a neurodegenerative disorder caused by an unstable CAG repeat. For patients at risk, participating in predictive testing and learning of having CAG expansion, a majorExpand
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Huntington disease: natural history, biomarkers and prospects for therapeutics
Huntington disease (HD) can be seen as a model neurodegenerative disorder, in that it is caused by a single genetic mutation and is amenable to predictive genetic testing, with estimation of years toExpand
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Apathy is not depression.
If depression is associated with apathy, then they should be expressed together in different dementia syndromes and should co-occur at varying levels of disease severity. The authors performed aExpand
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Neuropsychiatric aspects of Huntington's disease
OBJECTIVE Neuropsychiatric symptoms are common in Huntington's disease and have been considered its presenting manifestation. Research characterising these symptoms in Huntington's disease isExpand
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Is it possible to be schizophrenic yet neuropsychologically normal?
This study identified and characterized a group of schizophrenic patients without neuropsychological (NP) impairment. A comprehensive NP battery was administered to 171 schizophrenic outpatients andExpand
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Psychiatric Symptoms in Huntington’s Disease before Diagnosis: The Predict-HD Study
BACKGROUND Psychiatric disturbances are relatively common in manifest Huntington's disease (HD), but less is known about these symptoms in the earliest phase of the illness. METHODS This studyExpand
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Neurocognitive signs in prodromal Huntington disease.
OBJECTIVE PREDICT-HD is a large-scale international study of people with the Huntington disease (HD) CAG-repeat expansion who are not yet diagnosed with HD. The objective of this study was toExpand
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Dissociations within nondeclarative memory in Huntington's disease.
Patients with Huntington's Disease (HD) were tested on 2 tasks, probabilistic classification learning and artificial grammar learning. Both tasks are performed normally by amnesic patients and areExpand
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