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Synthetic cathinones have recently emerged and grown to be popular drugs of abuse. Their dramatic increase has resulted in part from sensationalized media attention as well as widespread availability on the Internet. They are often considered “legal highs” and sold as “bath salts” or “plant food” and labeled “not for human consumption” to circumvent drug(More)
Drug-induced QT prolongation is a potentially dangerous adverse effect of some medication combinations. When QT prolongation progresses to torsade de pointes, life-threatening or fatal outcomes may result. A 57-year-old man with a history of human immunodeficiency syndrome on abacavir, nevirapine, tenofovir, voriconazole, and methadone presented to the(More)
The Human PAX6 Mutation Database contains details of 94 mutations of the PAX6 gene. A Microsoft Access program is used by the Curator to store, update and search the database entries. Mutations can be entered directly by the Curator, or imported from submissions made via the World Wide Web. The PAX6 Mutation Database web page at URL(More)
Prolactin and LH concentrations were measured in the plasma of female canaries sampled during the breeding cycle and after disruption and reinitiation of incubation behaviour. The late incubation period was characterized by low LH and high prolactin concentrations, and canaries separated from their nests at this stage showed an increased in LH and a decline(More)
INTRODUCTION Suicide attempts through intentional poisoning are an important public health concern. This investigation sought to determine the different US incident rates of poisonings (with intent to do self-harm) by race, sex, and gender. METHODS We used data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System--All Injury Program (NEISS-AIP) to(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The ECG is an essential tool in the care of poisoned patients. This study is designed to investigate the accuracy of ECG interpretation reported to a poison center. METHODS In this prospective study, all cases in which both an electronically faxed copy of the ECG and the caller's interpretation of the ECG were available were eligible for(More)
A case is presented of an elderly man with a striking and unusual form of colonic schistosomiasis consisting of extensive large nodules on the serosal surface of the distal large bowel. The nodules were composed almost entirely of Schistosoma mansoni ova surrounded by thick bands of fibrous tissue. Although the English language literature describes various(More)
To determine how well triage temperature and pulse abnormalities in elderly patients with potential infections predict antibiotic administration and hospital admission. Data from the National Hospital Ambulatory Care Survey (2001-2002), a sample of US emergency departments, were used. Patients (>or=65 years) with a reason for visit suggesting potential(More)
The athletic performance supplement industry is a multibillion-dollar business and one popular category claims to increase nitric oxide (NO) production. We report three patients presenting to the emergency department with adverse effects. A 33-year-old man presented with palpitations, dizziness, vomiting, and syncope, after the use of NO(2) platinum. His(More)