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The paper describes a two stage study. In Stage I the birth orders of 453 adult patients with different diagnoses, seen in the routine work of a general hospital psychiatry department, were compared. Patients with schizophrenia had significantly higher average birth positions than patients with other diagnoses, even after controlling for sibship size.In(More)
Public policy for adaptation to climate change includes assessing potential impacts of future land uses, using an Ecosystem Approach. Visualisation tools have been used to test for public preferences for scenarios of future land use, suggesting preferences for visual diversity, sound stewardship and perceived naturalness. A virtual reality environment was(More)
The objective of this paper is to report on the development of prototype models for use in raising public awareness of changes in rural areas, focusing on green spaces, and testing responses to scenarios of change. Specifically, the focus is on the design of appropriate types and speeds of movement of features. This modelling is done using the Maya and(More)
Sustainable development requires an understanding of natural resource management within a changing world, and a holistic appreciation of the complex interactions in coupled human and natural systems. Change is integral to landscapes (rural and urban) but appears to have intensified in pace and persistence towards the end of the 20 th Century (Halfacree,(More)
Optical Mark Reader forms have been used by the Cardiac Department at St Thomas's Hospital for six years to store clinical and haemodynamic data by computer. Forms are completed by clinical staff in outpatients and also for those patients undergoing cardiac catheterisation. Three documents are used to record the symptoms and signs at the clinical(More)
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