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BACKGROUND Patients with complex health conditions frequently require care from multiple providers and are particularly vulnerable to poorly executed transitions from one healthcare setting to another. Poorly executed care transitions can result in negative patient outcomes (e.g. medication errors, delays in treatment) and increased healthcare spending due(More)
AIM To explore patients' and family members' perspectives on how safety threats are detected and managed across care transitions and strategies that improve care transitions from acute care hospitals to complex continuing care and rehabilitation health care organizations. BACKGROUND Poorly executed care transitions can result in additional health care(More)
An essential outcome of professional practice environments is the provision of high-quality, safe nursing care. To mitigate the quality and safety chasm, nursing leadership at St. Michael's Hospital undertook a strategic plan to enhance the nursing professional practice environment. This case study outlines the development of the strategic planning process:(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the perceptions of patients, their caregivers and healthcare professionals associated with the exchange of information during transitioning from two acute care hospitals to one rehabilitation hospital. DESIGN An exploratory qualitative study using semi-structured interviews and observation. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING Patients over the(More)
This paper highlights the relationship between the Fundamentals of Care Framework, patient safety and quality improvement by describing a more holistic view of patient engagement across the healthcare system. By creating reliable and resilient healthcare organizations that enhance nurses' capacity to engage in relational care and vigilance, healthcare(More)
Given how important care processes are to the nursing profession, it is imperative that nurses take a lead role in building capacity for nursing research and that they make a strong contribution to building the body of knowledge in the area of patient safety. The authors present an overview of a current nursing-led patient safety study in which building(More)
BACKGROUND Nursing plays a central role in facilitating care transitions for complex older adults, yet there is no consensus of the components of nurse-led care transitions interventions to facilitate high quality care transitions among complex older adults. A structured expert panel was established with the purpose of identifying effective nurse-led care(More)
The authors give an overview of one healthcare organization's experience in developing a nursing strategic plan and nursing balanced scorecard (NBS) using a focused planning process involving strategy mapping. The NBS is being used at this organization to manage the nursing strategic plan by leveraging and improving nursing processes and organizational(More)
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