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OBJECTIVE Technological advances have sparked the development of computer- and smartphone-based self-help programs for depressed people, but these programs' efficacy is uncertain. This randomized controlled trial evaluated an intervention called SuperBetter (SB), which is accessed via smartphone and/or the SB Web site. MATERIALS AND METHODS Online, we(More)
For applications in education and entertainment, scalable Internet-based collaborative teleoperation allows many users simultaneously to share control of a single device. Automated numerical methods that can assess and record performance provide an incentive for users to participate and a means to evaluate individual and group performance. In this paper we(More)
Organum Playtest is an interactive installation in which three players collaboratively navigate through a model of the human voice box, using their voices as a joystick. By asking players to solve collaborative maze puzzles through cross-functional control, voice interaction and non-verbal communication, Organum Playtest generates novel relationships(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether a mobile health application that employs elements of social game design could compliment medical care for unresolved concussion symptoms. DESIGN Phase I and Phase II (open-label, non-randomized, ecological momentary assessment methodology). SETTING Outpatient concussion clinic. PARTICIPANTS Youth, aged 13-18 years, with(More)