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The Core Optical Networks (CORONET) program addresses the development of architectures, protocols, and network control and management to support the future advanced requirements of both commercial and government networks, with a focus on highly dynamic and highly resilient multi-terabit core networks. CORONET encompasses a global network supporting a(More)
—Over the past 25 years, networks have evolved from being relatively static with fairly homogeneous traffic to being more configurable and carrying a heterogeneous array of services. As the applications are ultimately the driver of network evolution , the paper begins with a brief history of circuit, packet, and wave services, along with the development of(More)
At current growth rates, Internet traffic will increase by a factor of one thousand in roughly 20 years. It will be challenging for transmission and routing/switching systems to keep pace with this level of growth without requiring prohibitively large increases in network cost and power consumption. We present a high-level vision for addressing these(More)
We present a logical approach to designing an effective and efficient error detection scheme for ATM. We specifically look at providing error protection for the class C service of ATM, which is a connection oriented, variable bit rate service, with no required timing between source and destination. Our resulting scheme is similar to the scheme proposed by(More)
— While all-optical networking had its origins in the research community a quarter of a century ago, the realization of the vision has not had a straight trajectory. The original goal of the all-optical network was based on keeping the data signals entirely in the optical domain from source to destination to eliminate the so-called electronic bottleneck,(More)
Egg allergy is a contraindication for influenza vaccination because of the presence of trace egg protein. Although recent reports suggest that egg-allergic individuals can be safely immunized with seasonal influenza vaccine, the safety of H1N1 influenza vaccine in this context has not previously been reported. This study was designed to investigate how to(More)