Jane M. Simmons

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At current growth rates, Internet traffic will increase by a factor of one thousand in roughly 20 years. It will be challenging for transmission and routing/switching systems to keep pace with this level of growth without requiring prohibitively large increases in network cost and power consumption. We present a high-level vision for addressing these(More)
— While all-optical networking had its origins in the research community a quarter of a century ago, the realization of the vision has not had a straight trajectory. The original goal of the all-optical network was based on keeping the data signals entirely in the optical domain from source to destination to eliminate the so-called electronic bottleneck,(More)
We present a logical approach to designing an effective and efficient error detection scheme for ATM. We specifically look at providing error protection for the class C service of ATM, which is a connection oriented, variable bit rate service, with no required timing between source and destination. Our resulting scheme is similar to the scheme proposed by(More)
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