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PURPOSE To quantify the variation in the blood supply of the retrolaminar optic nerve in humans. The retrolaminar anterior optic nerve is supplied by an elliptical arterial "circle" of Haller and Zinn formed by anastomoses around the optic nerve between medial and lateral paraoptic short posterior ciliary arteries (PO-SPCAs). The frequency with which(More)
The morphology of the circle of Haller and Zinn and its variations were examined using methyl-methacrylate microvascular corrosion casting of human orbits obtained at post-mortem. It was found to be an elliptical microvascular anastomosis formed by branches of the medial and lateral para-optic short posterior ciliary arteries. The ellipse was divided into(More)
We investigated the effectiveness of reconstruction using an infraglabellar bilobed flap of transnasal skin and subcutaneous tissue for patients with medial canthal defects. Our noncomparative interventional case series involved 11 consecutive patients with medial canthal defects following Mohs micrographic excision of basal cell carcinoma. The medial(More)
BACKGROUND Medical management of thyroid eye disease remains controversial due to a paucity of high quality evidence on long-term treatment outcomes. Glucocorticoids are known to be effective initially but have significant side-effects with long-term use and recrudescence can occur on cessation. Current evidence is conflicting on the efficacy of(More)
A 79-year-old man presents with signs of an orbital mass. A CT scan revealed a large maxillary mucocele eroding through the orbital floor. Surgical drainage of the mucocele and conservative postoperative care, returned all ophthalmic signs to normal and bony remodelling of the orbital floor was demonstrated. Maxillary mucoceles should be assessed by both(More)
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