Jane M. Carrington

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Nurses' role in patient care has evolved and so has their role in the use of technology to improve health care delivery. Nursing informatics research seeks to study the science of nursing, computer technology, and information science to enhance the quality of nursing practice. In an effort to increase patient safety and reduce health care-associated costs,(More)
In response to unprecedented financial government incentives, electronic health record (EHR) adoption has tripled since 2009. While EHR benefits are emphasized, research demonstrates that adoption may result in unintended consequences that nurse administrators can anticipate and mitigate. Unintended consequences are defined as unplanned effects, whether(More)
The purpose of this research was to compare nurses' perceptions of the strengths and limitations of the electronic health record with and without nursing languages for documenting and retrieving patient information regarding a clinical event. The effectiveness of the electronic health record to facilitate nurse-to-nurse communication is not well understood.(More)
The purpose of this poster is to describe a new research model that describes a novel way to studying the effectiveness of electronic documentation as a communication system. The model, which has been adapted from Gerbner's (1956) General Communication Model and Effken's (2003) Informatics Research Organizing Model (IROM), illustrates both the events that(More)
PURPOSE Medication adherence is a major challenge in HIV treatment. New mobile technologies such as smartphones facilitate the delivery of brief tailored messages to promote adherence. However, the best approach for tailoring messages is unknown. Persons living with HIV (PLWH) might be more receptive to some messages than others based on their current(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore nurses' perceptions of the strengths and limitations of standardized nursing languages in the electronic health record to communicate a clinical event. Limited examples of research exist exploring the effectiveness of the electronic health record with embedded standardized nursing languages as a communication system.(More)
Research in nursing informatics has been described as problem based rather than theory guided. Furthermore, few examples exist in the literature where the process of theory development is described. This article describes a process used to develop a conceptual framework that supports a theory-driven program of research in nursing informatics. The conceptual(More)
The wealth and value of organizations are increasingly based on intellectual capital. Although acquiring talented individuals and investing in employee learning adds value to the organization, reaping the benefits of intellectual capital involves translating the wisdom of employees into reusable and sustained actions. This requires a culture that creates(More)
This paper describes an ongoing visualization project that aims to improve nurse communication. In particular, we investigate the transmission of information that is related to potentially life-threatening clinical events. Currently these events may remain unnoticed or are misinterpreted by nurses, or most unfortunately, are simply not communicated clearly(More)