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Fantastic Dreaming: The Archaeology of an Aboriginal Mission
The author examines the development of material culture and domesticity in Antwerp after the mission closed and the changing views of the missions during and after the missions.
Return: The Photographic Archive and Technologies of Indigenous Memory
This paper considers the intersection of Aboriginal traditions surrounding photography and the use of new technologies as both a research tool and a community resource. Over recent decades Australian
Eye Contact: Photographing Indigenous Australians
List of Illustrations ix Preface xiii Acknowledgments xxv Introduction: Colonialism, Photography, Mimesis 1 1. "This Civilising Experiment": Charles Walter, Missionaries, and Photographic Theater 33
‘Our Sense of Beauty’: Visuality, Space and Gender on Victoria’s Aboriginal Reserves, South‐Eastern Australia
European colonisation of Australia depended upon a culturally specific imagined geography comprising a visualised and spatialised conception of the land and its peoples. In establishing a system of
Memories of the Past, Visions of the Future: Changing Views of Ebenezer Mission, Victoria, Australia
Former missions and reserves occupy an increasingly important place in Australian Aboriginal heritage, as sites of recent memory, ancestral resting-places, and the foci of social action in the
Handbook of postcolonial archaeology
This essential handbook explores the relationship between the postcolonial critique and the field of archaeology, a discipline that developed historically in conjunction with European colonialism and
Indigenous networks: Mobility, connections and exchange
Introduction: Indigenous Networks: Historical Trajectories and Contemporary Connections Jane Carey and Jane Lydon Part I: Imperial Networks from the Mid-Nineteenth Century: Colonial Governance,
Calling the Shots: Aboriginal Photographies
This collaborative book explores Indigenous Australian perspectives on photography. Historians of Australian photography have noted that from the medium's inception Indigenous Australians were of