Jane Lawton

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The relationship between family social background and risks of problems in the areas of health, education, behaviour and offending was examined in a birth cohort of New Zealand children studied to the age of 11 years. The analysis showed the presence of small consistent correlations between family social background and individual outcomes on a range of(More)
A structural equation model designed to estimate the reciprocal associations which may exist between mental state and personality trait variables is presented. This model is applied to measures of neuroticism and depression obtained for a sample of over 1000 women studied over a two year period. The fitted model suggests that while measures of neuroticism(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between demographic, mood, physical and coping factors, and alcohol use in people experiencing chronic pain. It was hypothesised that a combined model would be more effective in explaining the variance in alcohol use than any single block of predictors individually. The study was cross-sectional in(More)
In the recent past, " farm to school " and " farm to cafeteria " programs have proliferated. In 2008, Maryland passed the Jane Lawton Act, an unfunded program encouraging schools to serve Maryland produced food in schools. Similar federal policy exists. Like many other states, Maryland is seeking new markets, such as educational institutions, to enhance the(More)
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