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18-Des-hydroxy Cytochalasin: an antiparasitic compound of Diaporthe phaseolorum-92C, an endophytic fungus isolated from Combretum lanceolatum Pohl ex Eichler
Chemical investigation of the ethyl acetate extract from the endophytic fungus Diaporthe phaseolorum-92C (92C) isolated from the roots of Combretum lanceolatum led to the isolation of 18-des-hydroxyExpand
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Differential sensitivity of C57BL/6 (M-1) and BALB/c (M-2) macrophages to the stimuli of IFN-gamma/LPS for the production of NO: correlation with iNOS mRNA and protein expression.
C57BL/6 and BALB/c mice are prototype hosts for the study of resistance and susceptibility to several infectious diseases. In many cases, resistance of C57BL/6 is due to the microbicidal effect ofExpand
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The impaired pregnancy outcome in murine congenital toxoplasmosis is associated with a pro-inflammatory immune response, but not correlated with decidual inducible nitric oxide synthase expression.
Congenital toxoplasmosis is associated with adverse pregnancy outcome. Despite the type 1 immune response, C57BL/6 mice are more susceptible than BALB/c mice to Toxoplasma gondii infection.Expand
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The Biocontrol Fungus Trichoderma stromaticum Downregulates Respiratory Burst and Nitric Oxide in Phagocytes and IFN-Gamma and IL-10
Trichoderma stromaticum, a biocontrol agent of the cacao witches' broom pathogen Moniliophthora perniciosa, has been used in Brazil as part of the integrated pest management of cacao. At the presentExpand
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Endophytism and bioactivity of endophytic fungi isolated from Combretum lanceolatum Pohl ex Eichler
We report the isolation and identification of endophytic fungi from Combretum lanceolatum Pohl ex Eichler. Further, we evaluated the relationships of fungi with the host plant and testedExpand
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Trichoderma asperelloides ethanolic extracts efficiently inhibit Staphylococcus growth and biofilm formation
Fungi from the widely distributed genus Trichoderma are of great biotechnological interest, being currently used in a vast range of applications. Here, we report that high-molecular weight fractionExpand
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Toxoplasma gondii antigen SAG2A differentially modulates IL-1β expression in resistant and susceptible murine peritoneal cells
The cell surface of Toxoplasma gondii is covered by antigens (SAGs) from the SRS family anchored by glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) and includes antigens from the SAG2 family. Among these, theExpand
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Les mutations de la protéines TCPR-10 n'inhibent pas l'activité de la rhibonucléase ni son activité antifongique
La proteine 10 (TcPR-10) liee a la pathogenese, obtenue a partir d'une bibliotheque l'interactions Theobroma cacao - Moniliophthora pemiciosa, presente une activite antifongique contre ce champignonExpand
Popularização da anatomia e funcionamento do Corpo Humano
A popularizacao e a interacao do conhecimento cientifico de maneira ludica e desvinculada da educacao formal na comunidade e o objetivo do projeto Saude com Ciencia, da Universidade Estadual de SantaExpand
Mitochondrial KATP Channel and Dopaminergic Vulnerability Neurons in Parkinson’s Disease
The motor deficiency control commonly characterizes Parkinson’s disease (PD), resulting in impairment of neuromuscular command, because of basal ganglia nuclei degeneration and late formation ofExpand