Jane L. Lehr

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This paper offers and tests an approach to conceptualizing the global competency of engineers. It begins by showing that the often-stated goal of working effectively with different cultures is fundamentally about learning to work effectively with people who define problems differently. The paper offers a minimum learning criterion for global competency and(More)
The Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE) works to strengthen and connect the informal science education community by catalyzing conversation and collaboration across the entire field— including film and broadcast media, science centers and museums, zoos and aquariums, botanical gardens and nature centers, digital media and gaming,(More)
Detection studies of simulated low-contrast radiographic patterns were performed with a high-quality digital image processing system. The original images, prepared with conventional screen-film systems, were processed digitally to enhance contrast by a "windowing" technique. The detectability of simulated patterns was quantified in terms of the results of(More)
The pectoral muscles in birds comprise up to a third of the body weight and provide the principal drive to the wing. Their attachment to the sternum suggests that they could compress the thorax and assist ventilation during flight. Most, but not all, birds have an integer ratio relationship between wingbeat and breathing frequency, but no measurements of(More)
While theoretical work and empirical research have examined science policyinforming " dialogue events, " dialogue events that do not seek to inform public policy are under-theorized and under-researched, even though they are common and growing in popularity in the UK. We describe how, from a critical perspective, it may initially appear that such events(More)
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