Jane L. Cleary

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Biological transient signals produced by snapping shrimp are sensed underwater by a wide aperture array. The instantaneous range and bearing of the source position of each snap is estimated along with a source level equal to the peak-to-peak amplitude of the pressure impulse generated by the snap at a standard distance of 1 m from its point of origin. For a(More)
A matched filter bank methodology is investigated for the automatic detection and classification of stereotypical beaked whale chirps in long acoustic time series. Energy normalization and non-dimensional thresholding techniques are employed. A primary confidence level is provided for each detection based on an indirect measure of distortion or malformation(More)
The authors determined the cardiovascular effects of blind nasotracheal intubation in four randomized groups of 25 patients each. After induction of anaesthesia with IV thiopentone 4 mg X kg-1, patients in group A received no pretreatment, while patients in group B received IV lidocaine 1.5 mg X kg-1. Three minutes before induction, patients in group C(More)
Beaked whales have been over-represented in whale strandings that have occurred at similar times and places of some naval exercises in the northern hemisphere. Although whale strandings are common, it is unusual to find beaked whales stranded in such large numbers. Consequently, the environmental management of naval exercises requires mitigation measures to(More)
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