Jane Kauer

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A series of 3,9 disubstituted [(alkylthio)methyl]- and (alkoxymethyl)-K-252a derivatives was synthesized with the aim of enhancing and separating the neurotrophic properties from the undesirable NGF (trk A kinase) and PKC inhibitory activities of K-252a. Data from this series reveal that substitution in the 3- and 9-positions of K-252a with these groups(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore psychosocial correlates of picky eating in adults, document differences in the taste sensitivity of picky and non-picky eating adults, and examine behavioral characteristics of this understudied phenomenon. METHODS In Study One, 489 participants completed a survey on food choice and habits, including questions that asked participants(More)
HeLa cells infected with radioactive poliovirus type 2 were disrupted with ultrasonic treatment, followed by addition of a non-ionic detergent. Two types of virus particles were found to sediment at 80 to 90% the rate of native virus. The first of these appeared to be a complex of native virus particles and membrane components, since treatment with 0-2% SDS(More)
This undergraduate thesis will explore existing methods surrounding healthy-lifestyle school based interventions targeting elementary and lower-middle school children. Although some studies have reported school-based nutrition interventions to be successful, reports of positive outcomes have been variable. Using anthropological approaches to thinking about(More)
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