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In this paper we consider a mathematical program with equilibrium constraints (MPEC) formulated as a mathematical program with complementarity constraints. Various stationary conditions for MPECs exist in literature due to different reformulations. We give a simple proof to the M-stationary condition and show that it is sufficient for global or local(More)
In this paper we consider a mathematical program with semidefinite cone complementarity constraints (SDCMPCC). Such a problem is a matrix analogue of the mathematical program with (vector) complementarity constraints (MPCC) and includes MPCC as a special case. We first derive explicit formulas for the proximal and limiting normal cone of the graph of the(More)
The generalized bilevel programming problem (GBLP) is a bilevel mathematical program where the lower level is a variational inequality. In this paper we prove that if the objective function of a GBLP is uniformly Lipschitz continuous in the lower level decision variable with respect to the upper level decision variable, then using certain uniform parametric(More)
We study second-order optimality conditions for mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints (MPEC). Firstly, we improve some second-order optimality conditions for standard nonlinear programming problems using some newly discovered constraint qualifications in the literature, and apply them to MPEC. Then, we introduce some MPEC variants of these new(More)
In this paper we study optimization problems with equality and inequality constraints on a Banach space where the objective function and the binding constraints are either differentiable at the optimal solution or Lipschitz near the optimal solution. Necessary and sufficient optimality conditions and constraint qualifications in terms of the Michel–Penot(More)
In this paper we perform sensitivity analysis for optimization problems with variational inequality constraints (OPVICs). We provide upper estimates for the limiting subdifferential (singular limiting subdifferential) of the value function in terms of the set of normal (abnormal) coderivative (CD) multipliers for OPVICs. For the case of optimization(More)
We give some sufficient conditions for proper lower semicontinuous functions on metric spaces to have error bounds (with exponents). For a proper convex function f on a normed space X the existence of a local error bound implies that of a global error bound. If in addition X is a Banach space, then error bounds can be characterized by the subdifferential of(More)
In this paper we study the bilevel dynamic problem, which is a hierarchy of two dynamic optimization problems, where the constraint region of the upper level problem is determined implicitly by the solutions to the lower level optimal control problem. To obtain optimality conditions, we reformulate the bilevel dynamic problem as a single level optimal(More)
In this paper we consider the bilevel programming problem (BLPP), which is a sequence of two optimization problems where the constraint region of the upper-level problem is determined implicitly by the solution set to the lower-level problem. We extend well-known constraint qualifications for nonlinear programming problems such as the Abadie constraint(More)