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This paper describes the latest version of the ABC metadata model. This model has been developed within the Harmony international digital library project to provide a common conceptual model to facilitate interoperability between metadata vocabularies from different domains. This updated ABC model is the result of collaboration with the CIMI consortium(More)
A core ontology is one of the key building blocks necessary to enable the integration of information from diverse multimedia sources. A complete and extensible ontology that expresses the basic concepts that are common across a variety of domains and media types and that can provide the basis for specialization into domain-specific concepts and(More)
This paper first proposes a high-level architecture for semi-automatically generating multimedia presentations by combining semantic inferencing with multimedia presentation generation tools. It then describes a system, based on this architecture, which was developed as a service to run over OAI archives but is applicable to any repositories containing(More)
This paper presents Provenance Explorer, a secure provenance visualization tool, designed to dynamically generate customized views of scientific data provenance that depend on the viewer’s requirements and/or access privileges. Using RDF and graph visualizations, it enables scientists to view the data, states and events associated with a scientific workflow(More)
A number of research groups and software companies have developed digital annotation tools for textual documents, web pages, images, audio and video resources. By annotations we mean subjective comments, notes, explanations or external remarks that can be attached to a document or a selected part of a document without actually modifying the document. When a(More)
Metadata interoperability is a fundamental requirement for access to information within networked knowledge organization systems. The Harmony International Digital Library Project [1] has developed a common underlying data model (the ABC model) to enable the scalable mapping of metadata descriptions across domains and media types. The ABC model, described(More)
In this paper, we describe the Vannotea system - an application designed to enable collaborating groups to discuss and annotate collections of high quality images, video, audio or 3D objects. The system has been designed specifically to capture and share scholarly discourse and annotations about multimedia research data by teams of trusted colleagues within(More)
BACKGROUND Lately, ontologies have become a fundamental building block in the process of formalising and storing complex biomedical information. With the currently existing wealth of formalised knowledge, the ability to discover implicit relationships between different ontological concepts becomes particularly important. One of the most widely used methods(More)