Jane Holschuh

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Ethnic differences in rehospitalization were examined in a program of intensive services for severely mentally ill hospital recidivists. The purpose was to determine whether ethnicity-related differences in psychiatric admissions observed in national data would appear among clients at great risk for hospitalization but enrolled in a program of case-managed(More)
Two hundred and thirty-four members of a 1973 sample of sheltered care residents, three-fourths of whom had schizophrenic disorders, were followed up between 1983 and 1985 to examine the role of supportive and of transitional, high-expectation sheltered care environments in the development of residents' social networks. The influences of revolving-door(More)
The social acceptance expressed by 234 former mental patients and by the general public toward persons with serious mental illness was compared. Factors that may affect social acceptance of such persons, including personal characteristics and experiences that promote identification with mentally ill persons and the subject's level of psychological distress,(More)
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