Jane Hall

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The somatosensory system is an integral component of the motor control system that facilitates the recognition of location and experience of peripheral stimuli, as well as body part position and differentiation. In chronic pain, this system may be disrupted by alterations in peripheral and cortical processing. Clinical symptoms that accompany such changes(More)
BACKGROUND Visual disturbance, visuo-spatial difficulties, and exacerbations of pain associated with these, have been reported by some patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). AIMS We investigated the hypothesis that some visual stimuli (i.e. those which produce ambiguous perceptions) can induce pain and other somatic sensations in people with(More)
In this paper, we explored the feasibility of analysing gait patterns during the Short Physical Performance Battery test by using an accelerometer to record the movement of the subject. 12 subjects with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and 10 control subjects were recruited in this study. 21 gait features including temporal, frequency, regularity and(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma is the most important chronic disease of childhood. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that children with asthma continue to be susceptible to ozone-associated adverse effects on their disease. OBJECTIVES This study was designed to evaluate time trends in associations between declining warm-season O(3) concentrations(More)
The developers of management systems and the management services that operate over them will be faced with increasing complexity as services are developed for the open service market. This paper presents experiences in the development of management services that span several administrative domains and which are therefore representative of the complexities(More)
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a condition that causes a long-term burning pain in a limb or part of a limb and it can cause various degrees of the physical functional performance deterioration. Objective assessment of physical functional performance of patients is one critical component to evaluate the therapy outcome for CRPS. This paper aims to(More)
Enterprise interoperability is a challenging goal that has many facets, one of which being the need for cooperating enterprises to have a precise understanding of the information that they exchange with each other. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) collaborating in a virtual cluster to market, customize and provision services to customers require the same(More)