Jane H. Barrow

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Augmented reality (AR) displays often reduce the visual capabilities of the user. This reduction can be measured both objectively and through user studies. We acquired objective measurements with a color meter and conducted two user studies for each of two key measurements. First was the combined effect of resolution and display contrast, which equate to(More)
Head-worn displays have been an integral part of augmented reality since the inception of the field. However, due to numerous difficulties with designing using such unique hardware, the perceptual capabilities of users suffer when looking at either the virtual or real portions of the augmented reality. We discuss the perceptual background and a series of(More)
A history is given of the Seney National Wildlife Refuge and the losses of goslings of Canada geese (Branta canadensis) recorded since inception of the refuge in 1935. Since 1960, when more reliable data became available, losses have been estensive every 4 years. Goslings deaths are attributed to the infection with Leucocytozoon simondi. The blackfly(More)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have become an important component of military aviation operations and skilled UAV operators are a valuable part of this component. Currently there is a need for improved methods of facilitating the development of mission level skills among operators, including target identification and maintenance of navigational awareness.(More)
OBJECTIVE The impact of interference from irrelevant spatial versus verbal cues is investigated in an auditory spatial Stroop task, and individual differences in navigation strategy are examined as a moderating factor. BACKGROUND Verbal-spatial cue conflict in the auditory modality has not been extensively studied, and yet the potential for such conflict(More)
A fluorescent antibody was produced against a plasmodial oyster parasite thought to be a haplosporidian, Minchinia nelsoni, which was termed MSX. The antibody reacted with this type of plasmodia from oysters, Crassostrea virginica ( Gmelin), from all sources, and it also reacted with its sporulating and spore stages. This reaction indicates cospecificity of(More)