Jane Gruning

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This paper presents findings from a field study of records managers that provides context for understanding how people see objects on varying media as long-lasting objects (or not). Part of the mandate of the profession of records management is long-term preservation of digital and paper records. At the site of the fieldwork for this study, research(More)
Despite widespread development, research, and dissemination of teaching and curricular practices that improve student retention and learning, faculty often do not adopt them. This paper describes the first findings of a two-part study to improve understanding of adoption of teaching practices and curriculum by computer science faculty. The paper closes with(More)
Recent HCI research has shown that there are important differences in the ways that people interact with physical and digital objects, and that these differences have negative implications for how people value digital objects. This work in progress explores one finding from a study comparing uses of paper and e-books that suggests that not only are there(More)
Understanding differences between digital and physical objects, and people's perceptions of those objects, is a matter of foundational importance to CHI. These differences affect how people interact with digital objects and what roles those objects are able to take on in daily life. The goal of my research is to investigate these differences in the case of(More)
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