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BACKGROUND With the current challenge of rapidly aging populations, practices such as yoga may help older adults stay physically active, healthy, and fulfilled. METHODS The impact of an 8-week Iyengar yoga program on the holistic health and well-being of physically inactive people aged 55 years and over was assessed. Thirty-eight older adults (mean age(More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED Modern health promotion practice needs to respond to complex health issues that have multiple interrelated determinants. This requires an understanding of the values and principles of health promotion. METHOD A literature review was undertaken to explore the values and principles evident in current health promotion theory and practice. (More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED The weight-centred health paradigm is an important contributor to the broader cultural paradigm in which corpulence is eschewed in favour of leanness. The desirability to reduce body fat or weight or to prevent gaining 'excess' fat is driven by both aesthetic and health ideals. The 'war on obesity' is a broad health-based set of policies and(More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED There is a need for a system of values and principles consistent with modern health promotion that enables practitioners to use these values and principles to understand health and in their needs assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation practice. METHOD Grounded theory, document analysis and the authors' own practice experience(More)
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