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It is shown that diffraction-based sensing can be enhanced for diagnostic purposes through the use of a secondary label. The limit of detection for anti-rabbit IgG was reduced more than 40-fold by using a gold-conjugated secondary antibody. The response to secondary antibody binding was linear for concentrations from 25 to 500 ng/ml of anti-rabbit IgG,(More)
A linear synthesis of the indole alkaloid (+/-)-akuammicine (2) was completed by a novel sequence of reactions requiring only 10 steps from commercially available starting materials. The approach features a tandem vinylogous Mannich addition and an intramolecular hetero Diels-Alder reaction to rapidly assemble the pentacyclic heteroyohimboid derivative 8(More)
We have previously shown that a gold-conjugated secondary label can be used to reduce the limit of detection in a diffraction-based assay by more than 40-fold. We now show that by using a combination of a peroxidase-conjugated secondary label and a precipitating substrate the limit of detection in a diffraction-based assay can be reduced by more than(More)
Collagen fibrils are present in the extracellular matrix of animal tissue to provide structural scaffolding and mechanical strength. These native collagen fibrils have a characteristic banding periodicity of ~67 nm and are formed in vivo through the hierarchical assembly of Type I collagen monomers, which are 300 nm in length and 1.4 nm in diameter. In(More)
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