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In this paper, we describe "Experience Prototyping" as a form of prototyping that enables design team members, users and clients to gain first-hand appreciation of existing or future conditions through active engagement with prototypes. We use examples from commercial design projects to illustrate the value of such prototypes in three critical design(More)
TabWorks™ book metaphor enhances the standard Win-dows™ user interface, providing an alternative way to organize applications and documents in a familiar, easy to use environment. The TabWorks interface was designed collaboratively by IDEO and XSoft and was based on a concept developed at Xerox PARe. This briefing describes how a user-centered approach(More)
IDEO This article promotes the idea that prototyping, a method regularly employed in the design and development of products and services, is a powerful means to facilitate organizational development and change. The authors present three objectives related to prototyping that facilitate behavioral change within organizations. These objectives include(More)
Remarkable things can happen when empathy for others plays a key role in problem-solving. In today's global marketplace, companies are being asked to design for increasingly diverse users, cultures, and environments. These design challenges can be so systemic and wickedly complex, the task of aligning all of a project's stakeholders can seem impossible. But(More)
e m p a t h i c d e s i g n Empathic Design-kirja 0. The original color versions of the images in the book can be found at concept design process • looking for the spirit of the bathing experience • fi rst concepts • deepening the " nature " approach • idea validation • fi nal concept • designers as representatives of users—or user-centered design? design(More)
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