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This paper proposes and tests a model of IJV learning and performance that segments absorptive capacity into the three components originally proposed by Cohen and Levinthal (1990). First, trust between an IJV's parents and the IJV's relative absorptive capacity with its foreign parent are suggested to influence its ability to understand new knowledge held(More)
In this paper we examine organizational characteristics, structural mechanisms and contextual factors that influence knowledge acquisition from the foreign parent in international joint ventures (IJVs). We in turn relate assessments of knowledge acquisition to IJV performance. The data come from a survey of IJVs in the Hungarian context, where learning and(More)
Received ; revised manuscript received We have studied pp annihilations at rest in liquid hydrogen into the nal state ! 0 where ! decays to 0. This reaction is dominated by the production of a 0 (980) and contributions from a 2 (1320) and b 0 1 (1235). Upper limits for the production of an axial vector h 0 1 (1380) meson and vector mesons !(1390), !(1600),(More)
Our Vision The Haile/US Bank College of Business at Northern Kentucky University will be the first choice of students, faculty and other stakeholders in our region. We will be known for the excellence of our students, faculty, and staff as well as our alumni as business and community leaders. Our Mission Our mission is to prepare our graduates for(More)
On 8 human lower turbinates in vitro, experiments were performed using an argon laser with a power of 1-10 W, a beam diameter of 0.2 and 2 mm. For clinical laser surgery of the turbinates 1-2 W is sufficient. Drilling, incision, coagulation and vaporizing experiments, were done on the tissue of the lower turbinates. The results of this laser surgery are(More)
First clinical experiences in the treatment of vasomotr rhinitis of 3 patients using an Ar+-laser are discussed. Punctiform and stripe laser lesions were produced on the lower human turbinates. Macroscopically the typical laser lesion consists of a central area of carbonisation surrounded by a sharply bordered zone of coagulation. Later a hyperemic margin(More)
PURPOSE Determination of the impact of the filling status of the organs at risk (bladder and rectum) on the uterus mobility and on their integral dose distribution in radiotherapy of gynaecological cancer. METHODS In 29 women suffering from cervical or endometrial cancer two CT scans were carried out for treatment planning, one with an empty bladder and(More)
In 1987, exploratory clinical studies were initiated to determine whether the development of AIDS in HIV-infected individuals might be delayed or prevented by immunization with an inactivated HIV preparation. Preclinical studies had shown the preparation to be safe and immunogenic. Twenty-three patients with biopsy-confirmed persistent generalized(More)