Jane E Patmore

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OBJECTIVES To determine the comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of three dressing products, N-A, Inadine and Aquacel, for patients with diabetic foot ulcers, as well as the feasibility and consequences of less frequent dressing changes by health-care professionals. DESIGN A multicentre, prospective, observer-blinded, parallel group,(More)
AIMS The use of insulin lispro in pregnancy has not been systematically investigated despite its increasing use. Pooled data from seven centres with experience in the use of insulin lispro were accumulated to evaluate pregnancy outcome in women with Type 1 diabetes. METHODS Seven units with specialist obstetric diabetes services were recruited to describe(More)
A case report is presented of a 37-year-old man who, largely by chance, was found to have a marked mixed hyperlipidaemia. As a teenager he had been treated for apparent idiopathic growth hormone deficiency, but had also never developed secondary sexual characteristics. Pituitary hormone measurement was now consistent with hypopituitarism and magnetic(More)
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