Jane E. Morrison

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BACKGROUND Self-injurious behaviour (SIB) is a serious condition, with implications for the person, their family and financial costs to the state providing care. The previously reported prevalence of SIB has ranged from 1.7% to 41%, or 1.7%-23.7% in community studies. There has been little study of remission rate, and incidence has not previously been(More)
BACKGROUND While there is considerable literature on adults with Down syndrome who have dementia, there is little published on the epidemiology of other types of mental ill-health in this population. METHOD Longitudinal cohort study of adults with Down syndrome who received detailed psychiatric assessment (n = 186 at the first time point; n = 134 at the(More)
BACKGROUND Injuries are among the leading causes of death and disability in the world and a major public health concern. Falls are a common cause. Young persons with intellectual disabilities (ID) have a higher rate and different pattern of injuries than the general population, but little is known regarding adults. METHODS The aim of this study was to(More)
BACKGROUND Primary health care teams have an important part to play in addressing the health inequalities and high levels of unmet health needs experienced by people with intellectual disabilities (ID). Practice nurses have an expanding role within primary health care teams. However, no previous studies have measured their attitudes, knowledge, training(More)
The Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer (MIPS) provides long-wavelength capability for the mission in imaging bands at 24, 70, and 160 m and measurements of spectral energy distributions between 52 and 100 m at a spectral resolution of about 7%. By using true detector arrays in each band, it provides both critical sampling of the Spitzer point-spread(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine students' attitudes and potential behaviour to a competent patient's request for withdrawal of treatment as they pass through a modern medical curriculum. DESIGN Cohort design. SETTING University of Glasgow Medical School, United Kingdom. SUBJECTS A cohort of students entering Glasgow University's new learner centred, integrated(More)
The absolute calibration and characterization of the Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer (MIPS) 70 μm coarseand fine-scale imaging modes are presented based on over 2.5 years of observations. Accurate photometry (especially for faint sources) requires two simple processing steps beyond the standard data reduction to remove long-term detector(More)
The Guide Star Catalog II (GSC-II) is an all-sky database of objects derived from the uncompressed Digitized Sky Surveys that the Space Telescope Science Institute has created from the Palomar and UK Schmidt survey plates and made available to the community. Like its predecessor (GSC-I), the GSC-II was primarily created to provide guide star information and(More)
We present Spitzer Space Telescope early release observations of Fomalhaut, a nearby A-type star with dusty circumstellar debris. The disk is spatially resolved at 24, 70, and 160 m using the Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer (MIPS). While the disk orientation and outer radius are comparable to values measured in the submillimeter, the disk inner(More)
The trend towards increasing representation of older people as recipients of health care in acute care settings is matched with a corresponding increase in the numbers of older people undergoing tracheostomy.The reasons for tracheostomy in this age group are varied, including respiratory failure, neurological injury/event and carcinomas. Further, current(More)