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Web 2.0 technologies are now being deployed in government settings. For example, public agencies have used blogs to communicate information on public hearings, wikis and RSS feeds to coordinate work, and wikis to internally share expertise, and intelligence information. The potential for Web 2.0 tools create a public sector paradox. On the one hand, they(More)
was established with support from the National Science Foundation to build international research capacity at the intersection of information technology, governance, and organization. A primary goal of the Center is the application and extension of the social and applied social sciences to strengthen digital government research. For more information(More)
The views expressed in the KSG Faculty Research Working Paper Series are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the John F. Kennedy School of Government or Harvard University. All works posted here are owned and copyrighted by the author(s). Papers may be downloaded for personal use only. established with support from the National(More)
A sample of drug users (n = 158) were contacted and interviewed in non-clinical community settings about their use of Ecstasy, cocaine powder, and amphetamines and the adverse effects of these drugs. Subjects reported a wide range of adverse effects including anxiety problems, depression, mood swings, feelings of paranoia, and panic attacks. Sleep and(More)
AIMS To estimate the extent and nature of overdose and factors associated with overdose among injecting drug users in London. DESIGN Three hundred and twelve current injecting drug users were recruited and interviewed in community settings by a team of "privileged access interviewers". MEASUREMENTS A structured questionnaire was used that covered the(More)
AIMS To review the available knowledge about the diversion to the illicit market of drugs prescribed to drug users in treatment in the United Kingdom, and to identify aspects of the London market in more detail. METHOD An analysis of the literature and new data in terms of the extent and nature of the market, the practicalities of trade, motives for(More)