Jane E Andrew

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BACKGROUND A survey was carried out in the Grampian region of Scotland with a random sample of 10,000 adults registered with a General Practitioner in Grampian. The study complied with new legislation requiring a two-stage approach to identify and recruit participants, and examined the implications of this for response rates, non-response bias and speed of(More)
BACKGROUND There are no large published studies of the prevalence of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) among UK populations. AIM To determine the prevalence of SAD among patients attending a general practitioner (GP). METHOD Patients aged 16-64 consulting their GPs in Aberdeen during January were screened with the Seasonal Pattern Assessment(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the presentation and management of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in primary care. AIMS To determine the use of health care services by people suffering from SAD. METHOD Following a screening of patients consulting in primary care, 123 were identified as suffering from SAD. Each was age- and gender-matched with two(More)
BACKGROUND Studies of light therapy have not been conducted previously in primary care. AIMS To evaluate light therapy in primary care. METHOD Fifty-seven participants with seasonal affective disorder were randomly allocated to 4 weeks of bright white or dim red light. Baseline expectations for treatment were assessed. Outcome was assessed with the(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore public opinions about different systems for feeding back views about health services to the National Health Service. DESIGN Questionnaire survey. SETTING NHS Grampian, Scotland, UK. PARTICIPANTS A random sample of 10 000 adults registered with a general practitioner in Grampian was invited to opt in to the study; 2449 were sent(More)
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