Jane E. A. Reid

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Complement forms an important arm of innate immunity against invasive meningococcal infections. Binding of the alternative complement pathway inhibitor factor H (fH) to fH-binding protein (fHbp) is one mechanism meningococci employ to limit complement activation on the bacterial surface. fHbp is a leading vaccine candidate against group B Neisseria(More)
Investigation of an outbreak of viral (Norwalk-like) gastroenteritis amongst staff (40 cases), resident guests (over 70 cases), and persons attending functions (54 cases) at one hotel over 8 days suggested that the main vehicle of infection was cold foods prepared by a food handler during and after a mild gastrointestinal illness. He was excreting(More)
In a new approach to the frequency-lowering of speech, artificial codes were developed for 24 consonants (C) and 15 vowels (V) for two values of lowpass cutoff frequency F (300 and 500 Hz). Each individual phoneme was coded by a unique, nonvarying acoustic signal confined to frequencies less than or equal to F. Stimuli were created through variations in(More)
RNA levels detected at steady state are the consequence of multiple dynamic processes within the cell. In addition to synthesis and decay, transcripts undergo processing. Metabolic tagging with a nucleotide analog is one way of determining the relative contributions of synthesis, decay and conversion processes globally. By improving 4-thiouracil labeling of(More)
  • R G Anthony, E D Forsman, A B Franklin, D R Anderson, K P Burnham, G C White +45 others
  • 2013
All documents listed below are incorporated by reference into EPIC's petition for rulemaking to the California Board of Forestry requesting deletion of Title 14 California Code of Regulations § 919.9(g)[939.9(g)].occurrence of northern spotted and barred owls: Accounting for detection probability differences. of spotted owl (Strix occidentalis) populations(More)
  • E Ådahl, P Lundberg, C D Allen, M Savage, D A Kalk, K F Suckling +40 others
  • 2012
Demographic analysis of northern spotted owl populations. Pages 319–328 in Draft final recovery plan for the northern spotted owl. U.S. of spotted owl (Strix occidentalis) populations based on mitochondrial DNA sequences: gene flow, genetic structure, and a novel biogeographic pattern. Evolution 53:919–931. Genetic structure, introgression and a narrow(More)
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