Jane Dirce A. Sandim Eleuterio

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Due to the popularization of mobile devices, the number of mobile applications has increased in recent years. Mobile devices are constantly evolving on computing capabilities, requiring the ability of mobile applications to deal with variations in services availability and computing resources. However, most of these applications are deployed using static(More)
Software Product Lines (SPLs) are techniques where several artefacts are reused (domain), and some are customised (variation points). An SPL can bind variation points statically (compilation time) or dynamically (runtime). Dynamic Software Product Lines (DSPLs) use dynamic binding to adapt to the environment or requirements changes. DSPLs are commonly used(More)
The percentage of women in Computer Science in Brazil drops every year. In the Institute of Computing at the University of Campinas, we have a group, called Computing4all, that aims to increase diversity in Computer Science. Similarly, in the area of Software Architecture, the number of women remains disproportionately small. In particular, our former(More)
The state of Mato Grosso do Sul has several natural and cultural attractions and, traditionally, has economy based on agribusiness and cattle breeding. In recent years, the sector of Information Technology has played important role as a supplier of information systems that help to automate many activities important to the industry, commerce and government.(More)
Modern systems need to able to self-adapt to changing user needs and system environments. Examples of systems that demand self-adaptive capabilities include mobile devices applications that should deal with environmental changes and service-oriented systems that should replace unreliable services on-the-fly. In this context, dynamic software product line(More)
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