Jane D. Thompson

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Phenotypic plasticity has often been assumed to buffer the effects of natural selection and thus act as a constraint on evolutionary change. It has become increasingly clear, however, that phenotypic plasticity actually represents a fundamental component of evolutionary change. Where genetic variation for plasticity exists, a population with a different(More)
Technical innovation, process reengineering, and organizational adaptation of the ORION project are described. Article: Obsolete and rigid business processes have rendered many large organizations inefficient and inflexible. In fact, many of the recent problems of inflexibility and turmoil in large corporations can be attributed to the complexities and(More)
SPINE (Structural Proteomics In Europe) was established in 2002 as an integrated research project to develop new methods and technologies for high-throughput structural biology. Development areas were broken down into workpackages and this article gives an overview of ongoing activity in the bioinformatics workpackage. Developments cover target selection,(More)
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